Graduation (B.Tech)

There are a very few Engineering Institutes which are truly dedicated to the noble cause of B.Tech coaching. Get the best comprehensive engineering coaching classes in Kharar only at  RANJIT TUTORIALS. Graduating as an engineer is considered great but there are many obstacles that can come in the way. Here we are fully qualified to deliver the success of the students coming to us. The coaching is either performed individually (face to face), team or in groups. These special private coaching classes are designed to help enormously the engineering students to think and analyze the problems to creatively develop appropriate solutions for them. Our highly experienced faculty are committed to deliver the tutoring  along with counseling to achieve what they want to achieve both academically and socially. Students are our prime focus so we believe in not mere lecturing but a more efficient discussions are arranged to get more proficiency in the given technical or mathematical subjects. Our group coaching in small batches help the pupils to encourage learning and teamwork, clear doubts, discuss the difficulties, provide suitable feedback to the coach and lecturers  to improve performance. The condition of engineering colleges nowadays is in chaos and the lectures imparted to hundreds of students in a class never help the educates to get what he/she wants. In such situations specialized mentoring comes to the rescue. Our institutes is the best coaching centers in Kharar for all engineering subjects and specially mathematics.

So if you are a B.Tech student studying in Kharar/ Mohali/ Chandigarh colleges and finding it hard to cope up with some or many subjects. Or you have been to many institutions or tuition classes but not able to get the desired results. Or you are a lazy person sitting and reattempting all again hoping to clear the subjects. Then you are in great danger. Getting backs or arrears can be painful. Come to our institute and we will provide you with all necessary equipment to deal with the difficulties you are facing. Mathematics is found tough to clear and there is a strong need of good engineering mathematics coaching. At the end of each semester before exams we give tests and conduct model exams to understand how much subjects knowledge and skills the candidates have gained. This helps as an valuable feedback to both parents and the tutors.

Course Fee: Rs. 4000/- Only

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